Tax Accountant/ Bookkeeper in Grimsby, ON

At SD Gold Accounting Services our focus is on small business.  We provide our clients with peace of mind by providing accurate and timely bookkeeping services.

We take care of your books so you can focus on building and managing your business.

Why Choose Us?
  • Exceed client expectations
  • Unwavering commitment to clients
  • Cost effective
  • All knowledge is documented and left with client
  • Approachable and honest
  • Fast, flexible services
  • Tailored services to meet specific client needs
  • Hands on, working directly with clients
  • Implement all recommendations & solutions
  • Communicate in “plain English” (not accounting jargon)
  • Problem solvers & trouble shooters

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We look forward to taking your bookkeeping stress away and getting to know you and your business

  • Suzanne


    I've always liked working with numbers and am very detail oriented.I love meeting new clients and hearing their stories. As owner of a bookkeeping business, I want my clients to succeed and I will do my best to help them do that.

    I haven’t always worked as a bookkeeper, but my winding path lead me back to what I ultimately wanted to do.

    My best day is providing clients with peace of mind so they can focus on building and managing their business.

    I feel my financial experiences gained over many years in diverse roles are truly an asset. My capabilities are payroll, financial reports along with annual closing activities, banking, year-end audits and government remittances.

    Each year I continue to upgrade my tax knowledge, software skills and technology changes.

    When I'm not in the office, I spend as much time as possible with my family.

  • Sherry B.


    I’ve worked with Suzanne since 2014 and enjoy the fast pace and great clients.

    As an admin assistant I help Suzanne with all aspects of bookkeeping and tax preparation.  Being a social butterfly, I love communicating with clients and help them get what they need.

    When I’m not running the office and going to courses with Suzanne I have my head stuck in a book, so if you hear of a good book let me know!